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The Flooring Zone are carpet suppliers that provide and install carpet flooring of your choice.

The Flooring Zone is the based source for the facts about carpet. Whether you are a home owner, an architect or a facility manager, making the right decisions starts with having the facts. The Flooring Zone job is to prove how your environment for living, working, learning and health is better. Learn about the benefits of carpets, selecting carpet that best suits your needs and the difference between spot, interim and deep cleaning your carpet so it looks great for years to come. And it has “green benefits”.


The Benefits of Choosing Carpet

The benefits derived from selecting good quality carpets in any type of application are manifold: what other type of floor covering will provide sound insulation, energy savings, underfoot comfort, a safe, non-slip floor, and be easy to clean and install, with good wear and non-allergenic properties, while still providing the customer with the flexibility for individual creative design?

Sound Insulation

Noise pollution in houses can have a serious effect on the well being of all its users and in this respect a fitted carpet plays an important role virtually eliminating impact noise through sound absorption. Therefore the use of carpet enhances sound absorption, and the conduction of impact noise can be reduced by up to 30dB, as opposed to comparative values for smooth floor coverings which lay between 5-15dB. For example the benefits of noise reduction can be felt throughout the house. In particular flats, and on first/second floors when noise of hard flooring can be heard most by people on lower floors.

Energy Saving

Carpets can make a measurable contributions to retaining the warmth in a room and therefore saving energy. Carpets have low heat conduction and are natural thermal insulators creating a heat barrier. As a result, as much as 10% of the heat in a room which would be dissipated with smooth floor coverings is retained in the room by the carpet.

This, combined with outstanding underfoot comfort of a carpet, can result in a considerable reduction in the use of heating in the transition fro a warm to a cold season. It has been estimated that up to 30 days heating can be saved, resulting in an energy saving of around 4-6% and a consequent reduction in heating bills.

Carpet Safety

Safety covers 2 aspects – reduced slippage, especially when wet, and a decrease in stress on joints. The softer resilient fibres of a carpet provide a cushioning effect and excellent orthopaedic properties.

The underfoot safety of carpets is an important feature, both in the home and the workplace. Infants and the elderly in particular benefit from the non-slip aspects of carpets and in the event of a fall, the soft resilience of the carpet lowers the risk of injury.

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