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Woodline Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

This stylish statement solid engineered wood flooring will be the pride of your living space. Innovative 3-ply engineered flooring, Woodline Parquetry proves to be extremely resistant to wear-and-tear and can be used in some of the most trafficked areas of your home and office. It works on a free floating axis and can be installed DIY. Custom finishes include gloss, oiled, super matte, fumed, antique, smoked and unfinished.

Engineered Wood Flooring Specifications

Woodline Parquetry is available in a variety of sizes and finishes including smoked, vertical grain, antique, marina, rustic, reclaimed, oiled, lacquered, matt, unfinished, distressed, weathered,fumed, brushed, hand-painted and hand-scraped.
Warranty: 25 years Limited Residential warranty



Benefits of a Hevea core

Hevea Pine (Nordic) Spruce (Nordic) Poplar (Balsamic)
Density 640 490 490 390
Bending strength Nmm2 119 100 78 48
Shrinkage from green to 0 8 12.1 11.9 10.8

Stronger than Spruce,Pine or Poplar.
Greater board density for enhanced dimensional stability
Withstands external pressure such as temperature, moisture and air change

Technical Information

Green Policy

The trees used in the production of the floor are grown with the specific aim of harvesting wood, which does not impact negatively on the environment. This product is made from the Havea Brasiliensis, the Rubber tree, a tropical hardwood grown specifically for the production of natural latex rubber. Towards the end of its productive lifecycle 25 to 30 years, the tree is harvested for its raw material.

The floor is finished with a top layer of precious wood, which we take great care in sourcing, meaning that you can still get the genuine wood experience, without harming natural forests. Our flooring is totally biodegradable, and its low emission value promises a greener future for you and for future generations to come.

Download Green Policy PDF (667kb)


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